With me, when pregnant, the first concession are shoes.

My feet swell up to the size of those belonging to that emperor’s statue that is all in pieces in Rome (see fig. 1)

The emperor’s old foot and my new one


I just bought my first nike air max. They look like the bottom part of a transformer. They walk like marshmallow trampolines (fig. 2)


I am holding myself back every day not to throw out the following in a fit of (faux-)feminist rage:

0. High heeled shoes ( — hypothetical, since all 32 pairs went in the first rage of the first pregnancy 10 years…

Lately I’ve been having trouble understanding where my organs are.

So — sometimes I wonder: where is my uterus?

Onto google image I go. But this only adds to the confusion. See e.g. the image below: so the uterus at 15 weeks pregnant (so where I’m at right now) is sitting on the right side, kind of where you have your handbag (or a gun holster)?

She’s packing a baby!!!

Other images show the uterus and then a void before the belly ends. What is in the void? Intestines? Air? Skin? …

Just watched The Social Dilemma. Yes, very aware of the irony of posting about this online. I’m a vat of contradictions, sue me.

This young man is about to make a bad decision — a bad decision you have already made.

Some loose thoughts:

1. Yes, yes, fascinating, important, some amazing quotes, essential themes.

But also:

2. For a film talking about the manipulation of technology it does employ an awful lot of cheesy cinematic devices — it all felt very nineties to me, from the awkward computer animation, the score that appeared to have been composed by a rudimental algorithm fed with the words “ominous” and “atmospheric”, oh and the homeshopping channel level of acting.

3. The…

An extrovert in today’s world. Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash

Apparently it’s become a truth universally acknowledged that: extroverts are loud, dominant, suck up all the air in the room and set the conditions in every situation, whilst introverts hover around the edges of society, humbly nourishing themselves on its metaphorical scraps.

This is a lie, spun by the introvert-fake-news-media.

We have had so many years of extrovert-bashing that it’s become the worst trait to have. So terrible in fact, that most extroverts I know have become traitors jumping on the introverts-are-the-real-motor-of-society bandwagon:

(example: “I have 1084098540954805498 friends and am the life and soul of the party but really I love nothing more than curling up with a…

We cannot afford to turn our back on anyone. Photo by Luis Melendez on Unsplash

Are we putting too much trust into assuming we are doing everything we can in this global COVID-19 crisis? Our society and our politicians are resorting to a narrative of human sacrifice far too easily. This type of discussion could even lead us to the horrors of pseudo-Darwinism.

Health workers are committed to saving lives. And yet, reports have started to trickle in about guidelines that should help medical professionals make difficult decisions about whom not to treat if there is a deficit of beds, ventilators, staff, or other resources.

As a consequence, the wider discussion about possible medical rationing…

So I watched Unorthodox over the weekend and I do not quite understand why it’s this masterpiece. Please tell me why I’m wrong — I love changing my mind about these things.

  1. It’s a pageant of stereotypes

I thought there were quite a few flat characters such as: the pushy mother-in-law; the drunk daddy, the brave, martyr-like mother; the long suffering grandma whose entire personality was based on being long-suffering; the sweet but pathetic husband; the evil smoking (but sexy) gambler who wants still to be accepted…. (also: how random was that gun?)

Meanwhile, to me it felt as though…

Nausikaä El-Mecky

art historian specialising in censorship and attacks on art. Academic writing at: https://nausikaaelmecky.academia.edu tweets at: @its_nausikaa

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